Dadhichee Gujjar
Systems Engineering
My unique summer experience at BMW Manufacturing has transformed my understanding of our world. I learned a lot about the complex manufacturing process involved in producing BMW X-series vehicles for the entire world. With 1,400 vehicles being produced daily, I had the opportunity to work closely with BMW’s brightest engineers on ‘live’ production line with various process improvement and efficiency projects. While working with engineers, I received ‘hands-on’ training that significantly improved my technical and professional skill-sets. My eye-opening experience has further solidified my decision of studying Industrial Systems Engineering as well as reinforced why it was one of the best decision I ever made. I am very thankful and grateful of all my mentors for their help in getting me here as it wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. Key to success is your attitude towards the challenges you face in life. Therefore, never give up and never give in on your dreams because hard work always pays off. I would highly encourage every college student to gain real-world experience before you graduate. It’s totally worth it!