Career Center Myths

  • It’s okay for your student to not know every step - that’s why we’re here to walk with them as they explore and ultimately, decide, on that next step! Starting UNC Charlotte and still exploring majors is the perfect place to be! Encourage your student to meet with a career coach to understand who they are and explore what direction is best for them. 
  • You can learn how we’ll do that by exploring the Career Success Story! Your student will Explore options, get some Experience, Decide on their best fit, Brand themselves and Implement their search throughout their college experience.
  • Employers consistently tell Career Center staff that they’re seeking candidates with impressive soft skills, or “transferable skills,” many of which can be acquired from volunteer or part-time work experience. Career Center staff can help coach your student through their experiences and challenge them to view their seemingly-unrelated job responsibilities in a different light.  
  • Remind your student that just because an experience is unpaid doesn’t mean it’s not valuable! Encourage your students to get involved in one of the 400+ student organization offered on campus. Volunteerism is another excellent resume builder. 
  • Encourage your student to check out the University Professional Internship Program (UPIP). These on-campus internship positions are designed to provoke professional knowledge and skill development consistent with students’ career goals. Not available to first-year students. 
  • Hire-A-Niner is UNC Charlotte students’ one stop shop to find on-campus part-time jobs, UPIP positions, and external internship and full-time job opportunities in the Charlotte area and beyond. Fun fact: Hire-A-Niner is also accessible (and free!) to UNC Charlotte alumni for a lifetime.
We all know people who are not happy in their jobs and generally, no amount of money can make you love spending 40-80 hours a week there! Encourage your student to talk about their ideas and listen with empathy and without judgment. Help your student explore what ‘success’ means to them.  Money can certainly be a value for many of us - we want to make sure other areas align too, like interests, skills, workplace preferences and values. Help your student live their best life by letting them know more about who they are and what makes them excited about their next steps. 
Your student can take advantage of Career Center services as early as their first day on campus. Encourage your student to visit our office during their first year on campus and to check in regularly throughout their college career. Creating a strategic plan with a career advisor to set attainable career goals, scheduling mock interviews, and attending networking events hosted by the Career Center with our employer partners are just a few impactful ways to build confidence and professionalism.