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The University Career Center offers a number of avenues to partner with our career liaisons to facilitate career development in the classroom. As you finalize your syllabus each semester, we hope you will consider ways to encourage your students to develop transferable skills and engage in career development.

Review our resources below and connect with us to help your students become self-aware, professionally developed, and career ready.

Class packages

The UCC has put together a progression of course packages to assist you in infusing career objectives and development into your syllabi. Below you will find the options for the upcoming year.

Package 1: Classroom Presentation

UCC has developed a number of presentations to support the career and professional development of our students. Presentations can be 30 minutes in length up to 1.5 hours in length depending on the topic. Request a presentation as soon as possible, since presentation slots fill up fast!

Presentation Recommendations:

  • Freshmen/Sophomore Heavy Courses: Introduction to the University Career Center, Career Decision Making & Passion Discovery, Resume 101, Experiential Learning and Internship Search, Discovery Assessments (MBTI, Strong, StrengthsQuest)

  • Junior/Senior Heavy Courses: Developing a Targeted Resume, Interview Skills, Job & Internship Search, Applying to Graduate School, Social Media and your Career, Networking 101

  • Internship/Experiential Learning/Clinical Rotations: Resume Development, Interview Skills, Job Searching, Networking

  • Masters/Doctoral Courses: Developing a Career Brand, Resume Development, Interview Skills, Networking, Advanced Job Searching

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Package 2: Mock Interview Program

The program is intended to engage students in the development and practice of interviewing skills–virtually and in person. Program allows for two options:

  • Faculty-Driven Mock Interviews: Receive instructions for setting up your own mock interview assignment in InterviewStream. Students will complete a self-evaluation and MIP Rubric will be available for grading purposes.

  • UCC-Driven Mock Interviews: Request our MIP Team to create a custom assignment for your class in InterviewStream. Students will complete a self-evaluation and receive individualized feedback from our team. MIP Rubric can be requested for grading purposes.

Request Mock Interview Launch Big Interview

Package 3: Event and Program Attendance

Throughout the year, UCC implements a robust event and programming calendar to include: career fairs, career readiness workshops, and employer focused informational programming. You have the option of requiring attendance at one or more of our events.

UCC Requirements: Faculty will need to provide the class roster and deadlines for students to complete the assignment. A UCC team member will provide final information to faculty member at the end of the semester.

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Package 4: Customized Services

Your UCC Liaison is available to discuss specialized programming and presentations, not already developed in other packages, for your class, department, or student group.

Faculty can choose a career topic that is salient to the course and the UCC can create a customized presentation to teach during one of your class periods. This can include an assignment.

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Faculty mock interview program FAQs

Account Access

  • For new MIP faculty: After completing the MIP Assignment Request form our MIP team will contact you with your preferred due date.
  • You will then need to log in to so that your account can be given admin privileges. This will allow you to view all students. 
  • Please bookmark, your portal to Big Interview.
  • You will log in using your UNC Charlotte Email and Password.

Request Mock Interview Launch Big Interview

Watch a quick video about using Big Interview for class assignments.

Webcam enabled computers on campus

Big Interview technology requires that students have access to a computer with a webcam. Webcam enabled computer labs on campus are: Burson 114 &131, COED 037 & 434, Fretwell 215, McEniry 105 & 106. If students do not own a webcam-enabled computer they are encouraged to check out a laptop through Atkins Library or the Student Union. The University Career Center also provides desktop computers with webcams in our student worker lab.

Account Access for Teaching Assistants

If you have a TA for your class and would like for them to be able to view and comment on assignments please e-mail to get your TA upgraded to a location admin which will allow them to assist with grading.

Tablet & Mobile Access

Big Interview is compatible with mobile devices.

Editing comments on student interviews

At this time, comments and Star Ratings cannot be updated or changed. The program does allow you to regrade a particular student's assignment to give them a new grade. There is also no spell-check in the comments section.

Late Assignments and Make-Ups

At this time, the University Career Center is unable to grade assignments submitted past the due date. The program's popularity has created a tight schedule. We are happy to assist you in learning the very intuitive grading system to grade these assignments. 

Referring students to the University Career Center

Connecting with a Career Team Member

What student can expect:

  • Sessions are about what is important for the student. The Career Team is available to help students with areas ranging from career exploration and decision making to action planning for internships, job searching, and graduate school.

  • Progress is made through active participation on the student's part. We ask that they come to the University Career Center ready to work and with thoughts and ideas on their career goals!

  • The student is the expert on THEMSELVES. The Career Team is the expert on the career planning process. Our center is built around a number of resources to help a student shape their career while at UNC Charlotte. Our job is to help them plan effectively and to find the information necessary to make informed decisions about their career.

  • Our Career Team is trained to provide students with new tactics, strategies, and ideas to help them build their career.

What students SHOULD NOT expect:

  • We are not able to provide them with an exact list of employers, graduate programs, or jobs that are a “fit” for them. Instead, we can provide the student with the resources to help them develop their own strong list.
  • We do not have a “test” that will tell students what to do with their career or can we tell them what path to take. We have strategies and resources for exploring the many options they have and the paths to take to reach their career goals.
  • We do not write a resume for the student. Instead, we provide students with a number of resources to build their marketing brand and Career Team members on staff to provide review and formatting suggestions.

Appointment Type

Topics Covered


Getting In

PCA Drop-Ins
(5-20 minutes)

Great way to get immediate help on using our services and getting started on materials such as: Resumes, Cover Letters, Hire-A-Niner, Career Information, Interviewing Tips

Monday - Friday

10 AM - 4 PM

Drop by!

1:1 Appointments
(45-60 minutes)

An in-depth experience with a career advisor: Career Exploration, Self-Assessments, Decision Making, additional in-depth topics

Monday - Friday

9 AM - 4 PM


Mock Interview Program

Practice anytime, anywhere!


Big Interview

Request a Presentation

Service learning background and resources

Service Learning Models

Campus Compact provides a host of resources for faculty, including program models, sample syllabi, and faculty-development programs. There are two North Carolina state service learning models of note: Elon University's Kernodle Center for Service Learning and the Western Carolina Service Learning Fellows Program.

Training and Grants for Faculty

University, state, and national resources for identifying and applying for service learning-related grants are highlighted.

Service Learning at UNC Charlotte

The University Career Center provides some background on the university's recent history in respect to service learning. In 2007, a Service Learning Faculty-Staff Interest Group was formed on campus and a Service Learning and Civic Engagement Background Survey was conducted. Some information about UNC Charlotte student engagement in service learning is available in the results of 2010 Student Voice survey, which highlights volunteer sites by college.

NC Campus Compact

NC Campus Compact is a coalition of colleges and universities collaborating to increase campus-wide participation in community and public service. Presidents commit their institutions to join with other schools in becoming “engaged campuses” that enhance students’ sense of responsibility, citizenship, leadership, and awareness of community, while reinvigorating higher education’s concern for improving the quality of life in North Carolina. NC Campus Compact is a member of National Campus Compact, which has nearly 1,100 presidential members, and 34 state offices.

UNC Charlotte has an NC Campus Compact & Civic Engagement Interest Group for faculty and staff committed to incorporating community and public service into their work. If you are interested in joining, contact Dr. Tamara Johnson.

Training and partnerships

Career Consultant Training Program

The University Career Center has created a formal training program to provide faculty and staff with the key strategies and techniques to work with UNC Charlotte students on their career development and management in a coaching role.  Learn about common approaches, techniques, and strategies used by career development professionals at UNC Charlotte and across the nation from experts in the field. This program is intended to also provide campus colleagues with professional development to add to their own careers and additional training updates to continue their skill development in assisting students with their career development and management.

Learning Modules:

  • Introduction to Career Development: learn more about what career development is and what it is not.  Select theories will be discussed and their relevancy to the college population and UNC Charlotte.  The “who, what, where, when, and why” of the University Career Center will be discussed.
  • Six Tools of the Trade and the Coaching Model: this session will bring theory to process, explaining how to develop a structured mindset in working with our students.  Common communication patterns, red flags, and coaching skills will be presented with time for practice.
  • Strategies towards Career Goal Development: participants will incorporate theory and structured process into typical strategies in helping students understand their skills, experience, and knowledge and how it relates to career paths.  A series of activities and coaching techniques will be presented and practiced to provide participants with hands on experience in using resources to work with students.
  • The Effective Referral: our office maintains a number of resources and professionally trained staff members ready to assist students with a range of concerns and questions about their career path.  Learn about these resources and how to connect students to additional assistance to prepare and connect them to opportunities.

Internship Development Training

The University Career Center is here to provide consultancy services on developing structured internship programs for organizations they may interact with. Our team members are on staff to support in the following ways:

  • Assisting organizations in understanding what an intern can and cannot do for their organization.
  • Providing support in developing an internship description and marketing to students.
  • Providing support in evaluating and developing/ expanding their internship program further.
  • Continuously on-hand throughout the year to answer any questions or concerns.

Event Partnerships

Industry Guest Presenters: employers and alumni would welcome the opportunity to speak to your classes on a number of topics including job and industry information, as well as professionalism in the workplace. Our office provides services to our academic programs in searching for these unique presenters.

Career Events: in an effort to integrate career development into all aspects of a student’s university experience, our office is here to partner with you in the development of unique and sustainable programs and events. These might include networking events with alumni and employers, panel programs, or curriculum design. We offer the following services:

  • Operations support such as room reservations, student registration, check-in service, and more.
  • Marketing support to reach students, alumni, and employers in the field.
  • Follow-up assessment from participants.

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