What is a Co-op?

Paid career-related educational work opportunity designed to help students gain experience in a professional setting before graduating. Co-op facts information:

  • Available to students in the College of Computing and Informatics, William States Lee College of Engineering, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, and Belk College of Business
  • Students may work: 3 alternating full-time semesters of work and full-time semesters of school; 2 back-to-back full-time semesters of work; or 3 parallel part-time semesters of work with part-time semesters of school
  • College of Engineering students must commit to complete 3 alternating semesters of full-time work; Computing and Informatics students need only 2 alternating semesters of full-time work
  • Engineering students may earn 1 complete year towards their professional license after completing three semesters of co-op and an accompanying co-op seminar
  • Back-to-back schedules are NOT allowed for Computing and Informatics students
  • Students are enrolled in a zero-credit transcript notation course each semester of work to maintain their full-time status with at UNC Charlotte
  • Students in select colleges will complete a 1-credit co-op seminar follow-up course each semester they return to school

Benefits to Employers

  • Cultivate and evaluate future professional staff members
  • Strengthen relationship with UNC Charlotte and promote your organization to students
  • Lower recruiting, training, and outsourcing costs
  • Gain a fresh perspective and new ideas for your organization
  • Demonstrate your organization's commitment to education
  • Build the supervisory and mentoring skills of current staff
  • Alleviate staff workloads by allowing trained co-op students to work on professional-level projects
  • Gain positive advocates of your organization through past co-op students who return to campus
  • Promote teamwork between employees and students

Program Requirements

  • Student eligibility: undergraduate students only; students must be enrolled full-time, have completed freshman-level courses and have a minimum GPA of 2.5.
  • Students must meet with their on-campus faculty advisor to plan out their co-op work and class rotation schedule before starting work.
  • Both students and employers submit a program evaluation at the end of each work semester. Evaluations are sent by email near the end of each semester.