Recruiting Tables

A recruiting table is a great way to build your brand at UNC Charlotte while you promote and recruit to fill opportunities at your organization.

Tables are located inside the Student Union (no outdoor tables are available). Employers may only select 1 table per semester due to the volume of requests and limited availability. The time slot for the recruiting table is 11:00AM-2:00PM. No Fee for Recruiting Table. Parking is $15 daily maximum.

Employers approved for a recruiting table must post the position(s) in which they will be promoting and recruiting for at the table. We will review the account for the posting(s) to promote the information in recruiting table marketing. Request an available date, from the TABLE DATE FOR SPRING 2020 list, through your Hire-A-Niner account. Email Michelle Wann at with questions.

Table dates for Spring 2020

January 22 March 19
January 23 April 1
February 5 April 2
February 6 April 7
February 19 April 8
February 20 April 15
February 25 April 16
February 26 April 22
March 11 April 23
March 12  
March 18