Curtis Kularski

Office of OneIT - Academic Affairs
Data Analyst
Technology | Data | Analytics
Atkins 187
Data Management & Reporting, First Destination Survey

Curtis is the data analytics and reporting manager for the University Career Center. His duties include management of Career Center data collection, producing reports on student and employer activity and finding innovative ways to incorporate data into the department’s processes. As a core component of these responsibilities he administers the First Destination Survey annually to graduating students. In addition to the central duties of the job, Curtis also writes and maintains software that support the department’s mission and long-term goals. At present one of his long term projects is the Career Center's Career Compass career competencies system. 

Curtis is currently pursuing the PhD in Educational Research, Measurement and Evaluation from UNC Charlotte. He holds a Master of Arts in Ethics & Applied Philosophy (2018) and graduate certificates in Cognitive Science (2015) and Gender Studies (2013) from UNC Charlotte and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology (2011) degree from Fayetteville State University.  He considers himself an interdisciplinary student. Curtis’ research interests are in complex systems, ethical research and data management, social factors of educational attainment, human-computer interaction and the use of educational technologies . Prior to his current role, Curtis served as the graduate assistant for technology in the University Career Center. In the sphere of data analysis and reporting Curtis focuses on Tableau, NVivo and most recently, R. 

In his spare time Curtis enjoys experimenting with various film and digital photography techniques including high-dynamic range, long-exposure, optical color filtering (for monochrome images) and astrophotography. In addition, he also spends time learning about new technologies and refining his existing skills through a variety of projects.