A.J. Simmons

University Career Center
Assistant Director | Career Coach
Arts | Media | Design
Atkins 180
Peer Career Ambassadors Program
College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

A.J. Simmons earned his Bachelor of Science degrees in Psychology and Sociology and a certification in crime and deviance from Virginia Tech then proceeded to earn a Master of Arts in Community Psychology at UNC Charlotte. Employing a collaborative approach, A.J. works to enhance the campus community experience by managing the Peer Career Ambassador (PCA) program within the University Career Center. In this role, he facilitates training, initiatives and fun activities so that PCAs can act as advocates for students in their professional development. Additionally, A.J. serves as a Career Coach for students belonging to the Arts, Media and Design Career Community.

It is his aim to utilize the principles of community-building to empower individuals, strengthen community bonds, and change the systems that obstruct the well-being of individuals. In his free time he strives to achieve these realizations by mentoring young men with The Males Place nonprofit organization and pursuing agricultural endeavors.