Develop vital skills, knowledge, and experience valued by employers through activities and experiential education on and off campus.

  • Get a variety of experiences
  • Explore 2-3 ways to get involved on campus. Use the My Success Story system to get started. 
  • Obtain a leadership role



get involved on campus

There are many benefits to joining a student organization: making new friends, developing new skills and abilities, working as part of a team, learning to set and achieve goals, sharing your time and talents, as well as having fun.

Join Student Orgs

work with faculty on research

All universities have research opportunities for students interested in an in-depth look at particular topics in their field. Many of these opportunities could lead towards more formal internships or career paths in various settings. Great resume builders for those seeking to continue their educational pursuits.

Speak with your faculty members learn more about how you can partner with them to participate in research projects.

Research at UNC Charlotte


Realize your potential to impact the environment and community through the power of social action, responsible citizenship, and volunteerism.

Government, education, and nonprofit organizations interact with UNC Charlotte to provide students with opportunities to give back to their community in a variety of ways. Use this experience to learn about industries, topics of interest, and career directions. These opportunities also provide new skills, experiences, and knowledge that could be leveraged towards full-time work and graduate programs.


go abroad

Study abroad is an amazing educational opportunity which can expand your horizons, deepen your education, develop your cultural skills, push your own boundaries, all while having the adventure of a lifetime.

Study Abroad

Obtain Work Experience

Students can benefit from their university experience by gaining new skills and knowledge that can be leveraged towards career paths or additional educational pursuits after graduation. Employers seek candidates that can demonstrate key traits important to their industry and profession. Gaining experience on and off campus allows students to obtain vital transferable skills and experience. Through employment opportunities, campus involvement, research endeavors, and civic engagement, you will obtain a wealth of transferable skills that employers crave (leadership skills, management skills, organizational skills, teamwork, facilitation, budgeting, programming and more!). When you graduate, you can sell these transferable skills and experiences to employers!

Find a Job

get an internship

Experience is the #1 thing that employers seek in qualified candidates. “Experiential education” (internships, cooperative education, significant volunteer experience, etc.) provides a glimpse into the world of work, allowing you to apply what you have learned in class and enabling you to build relationships with current professionals in a field of interest. An internship is just one more step in creating a well-rounded portfolio of experiences that will give you a competitive edge in the job market.

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