Career Success Story Model

The Career Success Story model describes the building blocks required of a “career savvy” candidate and outlines a typical career development process. The following five categories provide the foundation for career programs, services, and resources to ensure that all UNC Charlotte students are provided with the tools required for career success.


Use the Chapters to Navigate Career Development


My Success Story Portal

The My Success Story portal allows you to search for activities, student organizations or classes across the UNC Charlotte campus in order to grow and develop. Your involvement in these activities allows you to build on your competencies like communication, teamwork and professionalism to name a few, which employers are looking for once you graduate or while you’re searching for an internship!

Search by chapter, competency or activity/class across campus to get involved today!

Why should you use the system?

Freshmen and Sophomores:
My Success Story helps you…

  • explore the unique activities, organizations and classes you can become involved in while attending UNC Charlotte
  • try out some interest areas you may be considering for major/career choices
  • build your resume by allowing you to see what you want to get involved in
  • gain leadership experience!

Juniors and Seniors:
My Success Story helps you…

  • explore ways to stand out for an employer
  • see examples of ways to include your on-campus experiences on your resume
  • learn about new ways to build experiences on your resume
  • explore potential interview questions you may be asked about your experiences
  • understand what competencies you did learn or can learn within different activities