Did you know the most often cited complaint from employers at career fairs is that students were not dressed in appropriate professional attire?

Think about it from the employer's perspective - if you were hiring an intern or professional employee, would you be more impressed with a student in a business suit or a student dressed in jeans and a t-shirt? Consider your interactions with employers at career fairs as impromptu interviews and dress the part!



Dress Code for Career & Internship Fairs and Interviews

Men: business suit, dress shirt, and tie OR slacks, dress shirt, tie, and blazer

Women: business suit (skirt or slacks) OR slacks/skirt/dress with blazer

Both: dress conservatively; no jeans, shorts, or flip flops

For the Fall & Spring Career & Internship Fairs - jeans, shorts, t-shirts, athletic wear, clubwear, clothing with potentially offensive symbols or writing, athletic shoes, flip-flops/casual sandals, tank tops, capris, and other casual clothing are not permitted.


Dress Code for Other Career Fairs

Men: slacks, collared shirt, and tie (blazer optional)

Women: slacks or skirt with collared shirt (blazer optional) OR professional dress (blazer optional)

Both: dress conservatively; no jeans, shorts, or flip flops


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