What is an interview’s purpose?

When going into an interview KNOW what you want and what you have to offer.  This is the first opportunity the employer has to meet and speak with you so your FIRST IMPRESSION is critical.  Your goal is to show the employer that you can not only do the job but you will also be a valuable member to their team.  You’re not just choosing a career-you’re making a choice about your life.  Interviewing is a step to getting that perfect job or finding out where and how you will fit in with that organization.

Interview Guide

Conducting Employer Research

  • Find out about: services or products - competitors within the industry - growth pattern - reputation - divisions and subsidiaries - location - size, including the number of employees - sales, assets, earnings - new products and projects - the number of locations - any foreign operations.
  • Are they participating on campus, whether through the UCC or another office?  If so, make sure to attend to meet representatives and learn more about their company.
  • Learn as much as you can about the job position and what it requires.  The more information you can find, the easier it will be to match yourself to the position.
  • Browse the internet for recent news stories or other information of note.  Explore what the news outlets have said, blogs, or general company information sites such as The Riley Guide, Jobweb’s Employer Profiles, Hoover’s On-Line, or the Atkins Library Databases for Company Research.
  • Check out glassdoor.com or payscale.com for more information on companies and typical interview questions.
  • Contact Alumni found through LinkedIn.com and Facebook.

Key questions that an employer is trying to find the answers to

  • What does the candidate want to do with their career and this job?
  • Can the person do the job?
  • Will the person do the job?
  • Will the person be compatible with the existing team/organization?

Stages of an interview

  • Introduction Phase
  • Exchange of Information or Questioning Phase
  • Closing Phase
  • Post – Interview
  • Follow Up

Key things to be ready for

  • Knowing the company
  • Knowing the position
  • Knowing yourself