Taylor Smith

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Mechanical Engineering
Experience is the name of the game. The more experience one has, the better one’s chances are of getting offered a job. The question however is, how does a graduate right out of college get the experience needed to land that first job? One simple answer is through an Internship or Coop. I was lucky in the sense that I found an internship working for AREVA. Through my experience at AREVA, I’ve gained precious knowledge about today’s workforce, the Nuclear Industry, and Power Plants in general. I’ve helped develop engineering calculations to qualify heavy haul routes for replacement steam generators (some generators can weigh more than 500 tons). I’ve analyzed flow rates in order to determine fan configurations within a containment building, and I’ve traveled to plant sites such as Oconee Nuclear and Arkansas Nuclear One to see firsthand what it is that the company does. More than that though, I’ve started a relationship with important individuals within AREVA. These individuals have helped jumpstart my engineering career and have provided me with the fundamental tools that will hopefully allow me to succeed after I graduate from the MEGR program at UNCC. I would suggest to any college student looking to insure a job after graduation to seek out an Internship or Coop through the UNCC Career Center. The experience is invaluable and at a minimum, will double one’s knowledge base necessary for good networking. Furthermore, I would recommend to any individual interested in the Nuclear Power Industry to seek an internship with AREVA. Nuclear Energy will play a major roll in providing the U.S. with clean, safe power in the upcoming years, and AREVA will be there every step of the way.
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Mechanical Engineering Intern