Sandeep Reddy Gagalapally

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Master's in Electrical Engineering
Connectivity Wireless Solutions
Students who are interested in working in wireless field should seriously consider doing a co-op/internship during school. Getting a job in the wireless field can be very competitive and those serious about entering this field should do everything they can to learn the necessary skills and make some professional connections. An internship is the perfect opportunity to do both. Networking with professionals currently working in the wireless field can be crucial to getting hired in the future. I recommend current UNC Charlotte students use the University Career Center because the initial step to get started before applying jobs is to enhance your professional resume. The University Career center has great experts who can assist us with the resume critique and job search. I would also suggest to attend job fairs and interact with employers, ask questions and explain about your interests in specific to them.
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RF Engineering Intern - Work with RF Engineering team on “in-building" wireless projects; tasked with surveying, designing and managing the wireless system; troubleshooting and maintenance of preinstalled Distributed Antenna Systems