Nick Q.

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Criminal Justice and Psychology
US Marshals Service
I participated in the CSCEP (co-op) program with the US Marshals that is administered by the University Career Center, which led to my current career as a Deputy US Marshal. My best advice to current UNC Charlotte students is to take advantage of the internships and co-op opportunities you are offered. These programs provide you with firsthand knowledge as to the type of work you would be doing in a certain career...Students should also take their general coursework seriously, especially in classes such as English and communications since t hey can provide you the ability to communicate effectively. If you are interested in standing out among fellow applicants for a career you want, then go beyond your basic degree requirements. My majors in criminal justice and psychology helped me by giving general knowledge in many of the areas that I use in my career. Specifically classes on criminal law helped during my time at the training academy.
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The US Marshals Service is the nation's oldest and most versatile federal law enforcement agency. It is the enforcement arm of the federal courts, and as such, it is involved in virtually every federal law enforcement initiative. Among a Deputy US Marshal's duties, they apprehend more than half of all federal fugitives, protect the federal judiciary, operate the Witness Security Program, transport federal prisoners, conduct body searches, enforce court orders and Attorney General orders involving civil disturbances and acts of terrorism, execute civil and criminal processes, and seize property acquired by criminals through illegal activities.