LeAnna Rice

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Liberty Mutual
The University Career Center's NinerJobNet has helped me secure three positions while a student at UNC Charlotte! My first was a summer job at State Farm, the second was an internship with LPL Financial Services, and the most recent was with Liberty Mutual in my first full time job. I am an advocate for this service and tell all my friends who go to UNCC that this is the best resource that you can ever have! All it takes is about 30 minutes of your time to sign up and the rewards are plentiful. I was so worried about graduating into this economic climate (December 2008), but UNCC’s up to date job list kept me sane! Always new and interesting positions from real employers, this is the perfect tool for anyone about to graduate and not sure where to turn to for job seeking help. I would have never thought (or known) to seek out and apply to the companies/opportunities that I did without this website. Also, it’s very helpful to have interviews held on campus by top companies, as they provide. My on campus interview resulted in a second one, and now I have a great job. I am very impressed by the quality of the job listings (not just paper pushing jobs or dry leads), and the way the Career Center helps filter employers down to students. If you are needing part time or full time employment, with a little diligence, the Career Center may be your answer! The quality of the job fairs, the job lists, and the plethora of workshops are invaluable resources that students and alumni just cannot afford to pass up. They make the process a little more streamlined and easy, allowing you to apply to companies that you may not have even known where hiring! (I remember a couple of times the positions weren't even listed on the company's website.) Right now is a hard time for a lot of people and being able to have a place to turn to for job help is refreshing. My advice is to current students is to use all of the tools you have at your hand - including the Career Center, professors, and any other networks you have built. Do not wait until your last two months of your last semester - set goals for your career and/or graduate plans NOW.
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I am a Disability Claims Manager, which consists of using analytical and investigative skills to determine claims settlements for short term disability payments to customers.