Josh Sweeney

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Communication Studies
Fastenal Company
"I met Fastenal at a part-time/internship job fair that was put on by the University Career Center. I started my internship through Fastenal and was offered a position upon graduation. The University Career Center provides you a vehicle to network with potential employers through career fairs and internship programs. The UCC may also help with tweaking your resume and preparing for interviews. Chances are they know an employer that may fit your goals. Why wouldn't you want to get help with your career? By attending the fairs (Internship and Career), you can learn a great deal about what is out there and what may be a good fit for you. Try out the company as a part time employee. You may learn what you DON'T want to do which sometimes is more important than thinking you know what you want to do." Find out what companies offer internships in your field of interest and then be proactive. While you are in college, take advantage so when you are graduating you have positioned yourself to do what you want, not what is left. Many companies want some professional experience. Look at companies that are stable and growing. If the company isn't stable and growing, job security becomes an issue, and the opportunity to move up may be slower."
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I am responsible for overall sales, finance, and personnel for 11 business units located in the central and western part of North Carolina. If you are interested in a career with Fastenal, contact me at: Josh Sweeney District Manager Fastenal Company