Joel Amoakon

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BSBA in Marketing / Certificate in Business Entrepreneurship
Ross Stores, Inc.
I come from a French speaking country and I can ensure you that there’s no myth around achieving your dreams in the US, only prerequisites. You want to know the secret? If you continuously assess your skills, adapt quickly, network intelligently, stay hungry and curious to know more and do better than you did the day before, there’s absolutely no reason for you not to be successful. People will see value in you and will give you a chance to prove yourself. And when that happens, whether it’s a volunteering opportunity, an internship paid/unpaid, be sure to make a positive and memorable contribution and try your best to go above and beyond. This is how I did it and will keep doing it forever. Needless to say that the University Career Center and its supportive staff were indeed critical assets in bringing me to the next level of professionalism and career-related opportunities that I needed. Yes! I did find an internship leading to a full-time job through the University Career Center. What are you waiting for? It’s on campus, it’s a free resource and you will not regret it, I promise.
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Assistant Store Manager - My main duties and responsibilities are to assist Store Manager in managing and supervising a team of up to 21 retail associates in the day-to-day store operations and processes including Merchandising, Customer Service, Retail, Loss Prevention programs, management and human resources responsibilities (Scheduling, Initiate Hiring/Firing processes, etc.)