Jeu Moua

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Civil Engineering Intern
This is my second summer internship with the Steam Generating Team as a Framatome ANP employee (SGT is half owned by Washington Group International and Framatome ANP), and AREVA is the parent company of Framatome ANP. The first summer I worked on the Callaway Project, and this summer I worked with the Design Group to learn MicroStation. The internship gave me the opportunity to get a feel for the work environment and what is expected of me, to move around and find out what I like, as well as the opportunity to network. I learned that the power industry is growing and the demand for electricity will increase, and therefore will require the construction of new power plants whether it is nuclear, hydro, or fossil. Through the summer I learned what a steam generator is, and at the end of each summer I was fortunate enough to go out to the field and see these steam generators at the Oconee Nuclear Power Plant and Arkansas Nuclear One; believe me, they are bigger in person than on paper. Not only did I visit the sites, I also toured the training facility which employees are sent to be trained for an outage. Overall, this internship has greatly enhanced my knowledge in the nuclear and power industry and has sparked an interest in me to work in this industry. For anyone who hasn’t experienced an internship, I would suggest you find one before you graduate.
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Civil Engineering Intern