Ivan Butler

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Systems Engineering & Engineering Management
Toyota Engineering & Manufacturing of North America
Before I left for the NSBE conference in Pittsburgh where I received the job with Toyota, I had my resume critiqued by the Career Center. I believe I was able to perfect my resume through this meeting and give myself the edge I needed at the conference. The services available at the Career Center are often unavailable or extremely expensive outside the university. Yet, the services are often taken for granted. I don't think students realize exactly how valuable the Career Center can be, but the services provided can really be the difference in getting that co-op or internship we all long for.
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Stamping Engineering Co-op - Within the Stamping department at Toyota, I was placed in the Project Management section and given the title of Assistant Project Manager to my mentor. Within the Stamping department, our responsibility is to manage the press machines and lines that create the body of the vehicle. This summer my main project was a robot replacement and safety upgrade to one of our transfer press lines. The robot at the end of the press line that removed the part from the machine and stacked it in a pallet was outdated and needed to be replaced. Also, the safety devices surrounding the Auto Palletizing area no longer met the required standard. This was my main focus of the project; the safety upgrade. I was responsible for the design and fabrication of the brackets these devices would be mounted to as well as managing the installation to be done by contractors. Throughout the project period, I was responsible for tasks such as recording manpower hours, ensuring lockout tag-out procedures were followed, giving the daily toolbox talk (updating team members of current project status) and even reporting to Assistant Managers of our progress throughout the week. We were given a nine day window to complete the project and through much persistence and determination we accomplished it and had it ready for production the following morning.