Success Stories

49ership Success

Patricia Adkins
Major: Accounting
Employer: The Painting Pros, LLC
Job Description: Assistant Accountant Intern-Assist with accounts payable and receivable, correspond with clients to follow-up on invoices, learn about payroll for a small business (100 employees), enter journal entries and gain exposure to QuickBooks.

On the job experience is the most important part of your learning. School shows you the tools but does not give the opportunity to apply these tools until you have on the job experience.

Cressel Anderson
Major: Electrical Engineering
Employer: Nol-Tec
Job Description: Electrical engineering intern

My internship dealt primarily with my technical skills. This is not to say that I had no need for interpersonal skills. I was expected to perform my job function with technical skills, but I enhanced the impact my contribution had by utilizing skills learned in the leadership academy, volunteer roles, and interaction with other students. The skills that Nol-Tec allowed me to learn will be invaluable to my career, particularly experience concerning automation and PLC controllers.

Ashley Armstrong
Major: Communications: Mass Media
Employer: FOX News Charlotte
Job Description: Intern in the News Department - I have the opportunity to shadow the reporters, backpack journalists, anchors, and producers at the FOX Charlotte news station, as well as assist in editing news packages, interviewing people for stories, and work on my stand up skills in front of the camera. I even had the opportunity to talk to people on camera with Robert Wilder on The Edge on FOX, a dream come true feeling like a reporter on the news!

The University Career Center helped me with my resume, cover letter, and interview skills. I had no idea how to make a decent resume, so I needed all the help I could get. Also, learning how to talk to potential employers has prepared me for the interviews, including the one that got me this internship. It is important to stand out and be as prepared as possible when trying to land a job or internship, especially during a time when jobs are harder to come by. The Career Center can help you improve your resume and your interview skills which is the first thing employers see, so it is extremely beneficial. There is no good reason not to take advantage! Take every opportunity that comes your way! You never know what will happen if you put yourself out there.

Marcia Colson
Major: Business Management
Employer: Microtel Inn
Job Description: Assisted in general Management duties; recorded and processed time cards; registered guests; learned housekeeping standards and all the operations of running a hotel.

I was exposed to many situations which forced me to use communication skills and now I know how important it is to have those skills. You will use communication from the day you contact the potential employer, through the interview, and up until your last day on the job.

Holly Curtis
Major: Pre-Business (Marketing)
Employer: Esseplast, USA
Job Description: Sales/Administrative Intern-Assist with the marketing plan for a new national account including conducting research, preparing marketing packets, follow-up with clients and tracking receipt of referrals/incentives; Assist Marketing Coordinator with product compliance issues and rollout of a new line of products to be showcased to a major large national account; Research charge backs in conjunction with the Customer Service Department.

This internship has been helpful to me to narrow down my options in marketing. Prior to accepting this internship, I was not even sure if the major was the right choice for me or even what the field of marketing had to offer. Now, I am positive about my choice of marketing as my major and more committed toward my goals.

Lamardo Davis
Major: Communications: Public Advocacy
Employer: The Washington Center Seminar

I participated in the Charlotte in 2012 Host Committee, Democratic National Committee, and the Washington Center Seminar. The University Career Center was essential in me receiving this opportunity and is valuable because it networks students with opportunities you many not know about otherwise. Don't wait to get involved, there are plenty of activities out there for everyone!

Sandeep Gagalapally
Major: Master's in Electrical Engineering
Employer: Connectivity Wireless Solutions
Job Description: RF Engineering Intern - Work with RF Engineering team on “in-building" wireless projects; tasked with surveying, designing and managing the wireless system; troubleshooting and maintenance of preinstalled Distributed Antenna Systems

Students who are interested in working in wireless field should seriously consider doing a co-op/internship during school. Getting a job in the wireless field can be very competitive and those serious about entering this field should do everything they can to learn the necessary skills and make some professional connections. An internship is the perfect opportunity to do both. Networking with professionals currently working in the wireless field can be crucial to getting hired in the future. I recommend current UNC Charlotte students use the University Career Center because the initial step to get started before applying jobs is to enhance your professional resume. The University Career center has great experts who can assist us with the resume critique and job search. I would also suggest to attend job fairs and interact with employers, ask questions and explain about your interests in specific to them.

Afan Hafeez
Major: Accounting/Finance
Employer: Bank of America Applied Technology Program
Job Description: Academic Intern - incidence management, user management, and application job monitoring for business-used applications

There are just so many opportunities provided by the Career Center for you to succeed in your careers! Get registered with the Career Center and continuously visit it to get the most of the available opportunities.

LaShauna Harris
Major: Management and Psychology
Employer: Husqvarna
Job Description: Researched techniques to improve efficiency of HR processes, developed informational brochure for recruiting purposes, administration of confidential accounting and HR documents, coordinated travel and hotel arrangements for candidates and relocating employees

My internship with Husqvarna was an invaluable opportunity. It was very beneficial to be able to work closely with the Human Resources team while gaining hands-on experience in the field. This internship was an amazing learning opportunity for both parties. My input was highly valued and it felt great to take an active part in the company’s HR operations-who knew I had so much to offer? An internship is more than just a step in the door or a line on your resume; it is the perfect set-up to gain insight into your field of interest and make lasting connections with some really amazing people.

Lindsey Harris
Major: Psychology, Child & Family Development
Employer: Discovery Place
Job Description: In-House Education Intern - I assist in all areas of the museum, interacting with guests, maintaining exhibits, assisting with events, and developing and implementing programming. My job is to inspire wonder and encourage the guests to explore and ask questions. Basically, I am a big kid and get to play all day!

The staff at the University Career Center have connections in a wide range of industries, and they serve as a central place where employers and job seekers can find one another. The Job Location & Development Program was the most helpful to me in providing a searchable database of employers that wanted to hire UNC Charlotte students. It gave me a place to start looking. Their programs are a great way to network and discover opportunities you never thought to consider. You never know when the person you meet at a career fair or mock interview will be impressed by what they see and hire you one day. Seek out opportunities that appeal to you. I chose to leave student teaching and do the internship at Discovery Place instead. It added an extra semester to my education, but was the best field experience I had while at UNC Charlotte and opened many new doors.

Patrick Harris
Major: MS Electrical Engineering
Employer: General Dynamics
Job Description: Electrical Engineering Intern

I would like to thank General Dynamics and the UNCC Career Center for giving me the opportunity to gain some practical engineering experience over the summer. This internship allowed me to work in different areas of engineering industry such as: research, testing, designing, and etc. I was able to see the importance of being diverse in different areas of engineering. At General Dynamics, I was able to learn from top notch engineers who really knew their subject matter. This allowed me to identify what area I needed to focus on, when I came back to UNCC to complete my studies. Overall, this internship was an invaluable experience that will help me in attaining my goal of becoming an Electrical Engineer.

Sara Ingram
Major: Marketing
Employer: 4 Element Logistics
Job Description: These responsibilities taught me everyday skills I know I will need in the future. They now help me out with my new position here in the UCC as a Peer Career Assistant. I’m thrilled to now be able to help other students use the UCC to their best advantage to gain the experience and knowledge needed for a successful future. I cannot express enough how helpful, friendly, and dedicated the UCC staff is. There is no better experience than being thrown into the real-world with people there to guide you and advise you along the way. I’m very grateful for the opportunities they led me to!

I’ve visited the University Career Center many times since my freshman year at UNC Charlotte to figure out what area I am most interested in and where I belong. They helped me to find an internship that allowed me to improve the skills I possess and learn the skills I should acquire. It was the best way of finding out what I like and what career areas I should pursue. Through my internship I was responsible for: --Securing new clients through daily cold calls --Quantifying my results by meeting deadlines each week --Organizing my daily work through Excel spreadsheets

Angela R. Isenhour
Major: Master of Science in Computer Science
Employer: Solectron Technology, Inc.
Job Description: Support customers in various aspects including network administration, application support, operating system support, printer support and hardware support.

My work experience as an intern gave me the knowledge I needed to apply for and gain permanent employment. As a recruiter for my department, I can honestly say that experience means as much as a good GPA. Gain the experience today so you will be more marketable in the job force tomorrow.

Akiko Itokazu
Major: International Business
Employer: Tekmatex, Inc.
Job Description: Intern-Assisting with translations, accounts and planning business meetings/events

I believe that an internship/49ership is important because it allows students an opportunity to apply what they have learned in the classroom to actual business situations. As a part of my internship with Tekmatex, Inc., I have improved my teamwork, organization and communication skills. I have also experienced first hand the importance of cross-cultural communication skills in a global business setting as well as differences between how business is conducted in Japan versus the United States. These experiences have been invaluable to me in preparation for my future career goals.

Vishrut Konijeti
Major: Computer Science
Employer: Verian Technologies
Job Description: R & D Intern

This was my first work experience off-campus, and it is has been very beneficial. I am learning a lot of new things and updating my skills. I never knew that Open Source was so widely used by industry and the depth of this resource. An internship is a must for any student. You develop a whole new perspective versus what is studied and how it is applied.

Thanh Le
Major: MS Engineering Management
Employer: General Dynamics
Job Description: Electrical Engineering Intern

General Dynamics offers a valid internship program that gives you real world projects. I was given the opportunity to support the various programs that are at the facility. It gave me a good picture of continuous improvement engineering. As an intern, the performance expectations were not different from that of a full-time engineer with the company. We were expected to perform high level project support. I can really attest that during my 3 months, I have gain tremendous experience that will benefit my engineering future for years to come.

Jeu Moua
Major: Civil Engineering Intern
Employer: Areva
Job Description: Civil Engineering Intern

This is my second summer internship with the Steam Generating Team as a Framatome ANP employee (SGT is half owned by Washington Group International and Framatome ANP), and AREVA is the parent company of Framatome ANP. The first summer I worked on the Callaway Project, and this summer I worked with the Design Group to learn MicroStation. The internship gave me the opportunity to get a feel for the work environment and what is expected of me, to move around and find out what I like, as well as the opportunity to network. I learned that the power industry is growing and the demand for electricity will increase, and therefore will require the construction of new power plants whether it is nuclear, hydro, or fossil. Through the summer I learned what a steam generator is, and at the end of each summer I was fortunate enough to go out to the field and see these steam generators at the Oconee Nuclear Power Plant and Arkansas Nuclear One; believe me, they are bigger in person than on paper. Not only did I visit the sites, I also toured the training facility which employees are sent to be trained for an outage. Overall, this internship has greatly enhanced my knowledge in the nuclear and power industry and has sparked an interest in me to work in this industry. For anyone who hasn’t experienced an internship, I would suggest you find one before you graduate.

Louis M. Raymond
Major: Master of Science in Civil Engineering
Employer: PBSRJ Inc.
Job Description: Prepared NCDOT Traffic Signals Plans using Microstation; assisted with technical analysis and reports for traffic capacity; noise and air quality and airport obstruction lighting.

I enjoyed the ability to market my abilities and services to numerous employers and this company would like to have me back after graduation. My best advice to other students would be after polishing your resume, practice your communication skills and be clear about your goals with the employer.

Jessica Rogers
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Employer: Areva
Job Description: Mechanical Engineering Intern

As a mechanical engineering senior, this past summer I had the opportunity to take an internship with Framatome-ANP, an AREVA Siemens Corporation. Working for their Steam Generating Team (SGT), I had the opportunity to use practical knowledge that I had gained in my technical classes at UNC-Charlotte as well as learn valuable skills you can only receive from an internship. I read documents on nuclear energy generation, safety analyses for nuclear power and power generation with steam turbines. I also wrote documents that will be used to conduct meetings with clients on nuclear engineering issues. I had the opportunity to take a training class that gave me an overview of how a nuclear reaction generates thermal energy and is transferred into electrical power. The nuclear training class was 3 intense days but so much information was provided that it lessened the mystery of nuclear power. The training class provided detailed information regarding the primary system (reactor coolant system including the reactor and pressurizer) the secondary system (main steam and feed water systems including steam generators) and tertiary systems (condensers), and how these systems protect or are protected from and against the public and environment. Shortly after that my fellow interns and I had the opportunity to take a trip to Arkansas Nuclear One (ANO) to see what a nuclear facility looked like and how it ran. ANO will be going into a refueling outage, where they shut 1 reactor down and replace the spent fuel, in October. During that time SGT will cut a 24’ by 24’ hole in the reactor building and replace the 2 steam generators inside. The reason for the steam generator replacement is to extend the operating licenses an additional 20 years and provide the facility a total life of 60 years. While at the site, the new steam generators were delivered by tug and barge up the river and offloaded. Nothing in school could have prepared me for seeing something close to 7 stories tall and almost 450 tons being moved a distance of 1 mile. That is the experience and opportunity only an internship can give you. I know an internship is not required for graduation, but I believe your education is incomplete without one.

Kim Rosser
Major: Master's of Science in Information Technology
Employer: Premier, Inc.
Job Description: Associate Java Developer Intern - I was able to jump into three different teams: Security - I did vulnerability assessments of Tenable and BurpSuite scans; Business Intelligence - I used CSS and JavaScript to design Cognos reports; User Interface - I learned to create custom Dojo widgets

The University Career Center helped me by bringing employers to us (the students) via job fairs and info sessions. I would have never heard of Premier without their services! Use the Career Center to find the job that best fits your new skill set, and use every opportunity you are given to improve your skills and broaden your network of contacts. Don't be shy. Get out there and prove your worth!

Boshu Ru
Major: Master's in Information Technology
Employer: A.Anthony Corp.
Job Description: Database Management Intern - Trouble shoot data integrity and query performance issues with knowledge and skills in database system area. Coordinate communication between developer team and CEO in internal ERP projects.

The University Career Center provides a lot of job opening information not accessible from public internet job boards. Job searching is an experience based skill same as your professional skills. Consult with your career advisor in the Career Center and let their experience help you do things right from the first step. Through career fairs and info sessions the Career Center sponsors, you have the chance to establish direct connection to corporate recruiters and give your resume a flash pass in heavy application traffic. My advice to current UNC Charlotte students: No.1 - sharpen your skills and knowledge in your particular academic discipline. No.2 - make effort in your job search and interview preparation.

Jessica Schlegel
Major: Marketing
Employer: Bobcats Sports & Entertainment
Job Description: Title: Premium Sales Intern-Assisted the Premium Sales Team by researching other teams, providing tours to prospective clients and with special events such as the Charlotte Jumper Classic

I loved my internship site, the opportunity to work with other people, and interact in a professional work environment. I believe that an internship gives you real life job experience and is a valuable learning tool. I would recommend the Experiential Learning Program and my internship site, Bobcats Sports & Entertainment to other students.

Andrew Schumpert
Major: Geography (Masters)
Employer: Intepoint, LLC
Job Description: The position of Software Tester will require the student to perform a series of tests designed to verify that the software being tested is working as designed. The student will be expected to run the tests, record the results in the provided testing tool, and provide verbal and written feedback to the supervisor.

Working with the career center and Intepoint, I have had a great opportunity to build and develop a skill set, and much needed real world experience. My background in geography along with a graduate level research assistantship positioned me as an ideal candidate to Intepoint's need for a quality assurance tester in the development of cutting edge geospatial simulation and analysis software.

Taylor Smith
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Employer: Areva
Job Description: Mechanical Engineering Intern

Experience is the name of the game. The more experience one has, the better one’s chances are of getting offered a job. The question however is, how does a graduate right out of college get the experience needed to land that first job? One simple answer is through an Internship or Coop. I was lucky in the sense that I found an internship working for AREVA. Through my experience at AREVA, I’ve gained precious knowledge about today’s workforce, the Nuclear Industry, and Power Plants in general. I’ve helped develop engineering calculations to qualify heavy haul routes for replacement steam generators (some generators can weigh more than 500 tons). I’ve analyzed flow rates in order to determine fan configurations within a containment building, and I’ve traveled to plant sites such as Oconee Nuclear and Arkansas Nuclear One to see firsthand what it is that the company does. More than that though, I’ve started a relationship with important individuals within AREVA. These individuals have helped jumpstart my engineering career and have provided me with the fundamental tools that will hopefully allow me to succeed after I graduate from the MEGR program at UNCC. I would suggest to any college student looking to insure a job after graduation to seek out an Internship or Coop through the UNCC Career Center. The experience is invaluable and at a minimum, will double one’s knowledge base necessary for good networking. Furthermore, I would recommend to any individual interested in the Nuclear Power Industry to seek an internship with AREVA. Nuclear Energy will play a major roll in providing the U.S. with clean, safe power in the upcoming years, and AREVA will be there every step of the way.

Pratik Suthar
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Employer: ATI Allvac
Job Description: Mechanical Engineering Intern

I developed a Windows version of an existing Unix-based software package to simulate a radial forging process using finite element analysis. This assignment included creating a graphical user interface using Visual Basic that allows the user to specify input parameters, run the simulations, inspect, and plot the results. The original finite element-based solver was updated to meet FORTRAN90 language requirements. This internship program allowed me to gain valuable experience relating to both my MS curriculum at UNC Charlotte and my future career goals. It also helped me to develop my problem solving and project management skills.

Alicia Williams
Major: Criminal Justice and Psychology
Employer: Law office of Charles Morgan Jr.
Job Description: Interview clients at the jails; attend court sessions; field work with the D.A.'s office along with Public Defender; conduct research about past cases.

My experience with this law firm showed me what it is to really like to work in a law firm with 'real' lawyers, unlike all of the theories you read from books. I am pretty much set in my decision of pursuing a career in forensic psychology.

Rachel Williams
Major: Marketing
Employer: Department of Defense
Job Description: Small Business Contracting Office

Interning with the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) in Columbus, Ohio was an amazing opportunity. I worked with the Small Business contracting office which assisted small businesses from across the country in winning contracts to supply parts for the war efforts overseas. I helped modify databases that held the contracts’ information, modified marketing publications during the DLA’s rebranding process, and even wrote an article about the Small Business office that was published online and in the installation’s newspaper. As a Marketing major, I earned some valuable experience and was able to apply some of the concepts and knowledge I’ve been learning in my marketing classes. I also established some valuable connections with the DoD if I ever want to go back. Living in Columbus for the summer was great, and interning for the DoD was even better!

Full-time Job Success

Joel Amoakon
Major: BSBA in Marketing / Certificate in Business Entrepreneurship
Employer: Ross Stores, Inc.
Job Description: Assistant Store Manager - My main duties and responsibilities are to assist Store Manager in managing and supervising a team of up to 21 retail associates in the day-to-day store operations and processes including Merchandising, Customer Service, Retail, Loss Prevention programs, management and human resources responsibilities (Scheduling, Initiate Hiring/Firing processes, etc.)

I come from a French speaking country and I can ensure you that there’s no myth around achieving your dreams in the US, only prerequisites. You want to know the secret? If you continuously assess your skills, adapt quickly, network intelligently, stay hungry and curious to know more and do better than you did the day before, there’s absolutely no reason for you not to be successful. People will see value in you and will give you a chance to prove yourself. And when that happens, whether it’s a volunteering opportunity, an internship paid/unpaid, be sure to make a positive and memorable contribution and try your best to go above and beyond. This is how I did it and will keep doing it forever. Needless to say that the University Career Center and its supportive staff were indeed critical assets in bringing me to the next level of professionalism and career-related opportunities that I needed. Yes! I did find an internship leading to a full-time job through the University Career Center. What are you waiting for? It’s on campus, it’s a free resource and you will not regret it, I promise.

Adrian DeVore
Major: Special Education
Employer: Nutley Public Schools, Nutley, NJ
Job Description: Paraprofessional (Pre-Kindergarten) - working one-on-one with preschoolers who are on the Autism Disorder Spectrum to develop learning, emotional, and social skills

When I was a graduate student, I took advantage of the University Career Center and participated in the Education and other job fairs. Career Center staff assisted me in offering advice on pursuing graduate studies in Special Education. It is there for students who want to obtain information, and I would recommend all students (especially students in Education!) take advantage. Maximize every opportunity!

Fabian Elliott
Major: Marketing
Employer: Google
Job Description: Rich Media Campaign Manager - I help companies get their most elaborate and technically complex ads out to their selected sites using our company ad server. I am more a project manager and make sure that all parties have what they need to allow us to stick to our campaign launch dates. My biggest client is Target so I work with their creative advertising agencies and media advertising agencies on a day to day basis.

The University Career Center was extremely instrumental in assuring that my resume portrayed me in a way to make me a solid candidate. It gives you a huge advantage over people who decide not to use it. The services allow you to sharpen your skills and be in a better position to pursue your dreams after college. I participated in career fairs, mock interviews, resume critiques, MBTI and Strong, and career counseling - you name it, I did it. My additional advice to current UNC Charlotte students - Get involved in student orgs on campus and also venture off campus to network with professionals in the city.

Mercedes Fiorillo
Major: Accounting and Finance
Employer: Bank of America
Job Description: Business Analyst - working with global accounting team researching and resolving breaks with trade transaction

The University Career Center is valuable because, if you take advantage of it, you will gain the career insight that many people discover only later in their paths. I started as a sophomore and the knowledge I gained allowed me to achieve two internships during my time at UNC Charlotte, as well as a full-time job of the first day of classes my senior year. The UCC programs I participated in helped me become a better student and better professional. The advisors taught me everything I needed to noly only represent myself well with employers but also to advance myself in my future career. So, start visiting the UCC early and try everything - you never know what door it may open.

Ryan Hefner
Major: Computer Science
Employer: Vanguard
Job Description: I write and test code to develop web applications for various business processes.

I participated in the University Career Center's internship program [Experiential Learning Program], mock interviews, resume critiques, and Career Fairs. I was able to find out about Vanguard's internship program, which led to my full-time job. I may never have heard about this opportunity if it were not for the University Career Center. The UCC definitely assisted me in my current success. The UCC's services are valuable because they provide one consolidated source of information for students looking to find employment or other opportunities. It is an easy way for students to connect with employers that are looking for them. I would recommend students utilize the UCC because they will help them explore opportunities and network with professionals. Take advantage of the opportunities that the UCC provides, especially the internships. The internships and co-ops will help you to network and get your foot in the door for full-time employment in a career that you enjoy.

Kenechukwu Ibeanu
Major: Construction & Facilities Management
Employer: U. S. General Services Administration (Public Buildings Services)
Job Description: Building Management Trainee - project transaction management; lease and contract administration; customer relations; facility and asset management and buildings operations support

Job email notifications (through NinerJobNet) were most useful to my job search. My advice to current UNC Charlotte students: "Set goals: relentlessly apply to no less than 10 positions per week!"

Derrick Lee
Major: Computer Engineering
Employer: Cisco Systems
Job Description: Customer Support Engineer - tech support for client service contracts

I used to connect with employers online and recommend this and other University Career Center services as they increase your chane to be seen by recruiters. Be aggressive in searching for a position and always apply to as many as you can. Don't feel let down if you are never contacted - treat it as a learning experience. I went through multiple interviews/roles before I was able to get my position.

Derell Pate Pate
Major: Business Administration and Finance
Employer: Bank of America

Read about Derrell's success in an article published in Diversity/Careers in Engineering and IT:

Nick Q.
Major: Criminal Justice and Psychology
Employer: US Marshals Service
Job Description: The US Marshals Service is the nation's oldest and most versatile federal law enforcement agency. It is the enforcement arm of the federal courts, and as such, it is involved in virtually every federal law enforcement initiative. Among a Deputy US Marshal's duties, they apprehend more than half of all federal fugitives, protect the federal judiciary, operate the Witness Security Program, transport federal prisoners, conduct body searches, enforce court orders and Attorney General orders involving civil disturbances and acts of terrorism, execute civil and criminal processes, and seize property acquired by criminals through illegal activities.

I participated in the CSCEP (co-op) program with the US Marshals that is administered by the University Career Center, which led to my current career as a Deputy US Marshal. My best advice to current UNC Charlotte students is to take advantage of the internships and co-op opportunities you are offered. These programs provide you with firsthand knowledge as to the type of work you would be doing in a certain career...Students should also take their general coursework seriously, especially in classes such as English and communications since t hey can provide you the ability to communicate effectively. If you are interested in standing out among fellow applicants for a career you want, then go beyond your basic degree requirements. My majors in criminal justice and psychology helped me by giving general knowledge in many of the areas that I use in my career. Specifically classes on criminal law helped during my time at the training academy.

LeAnna Rice
Major: Psychology
Employer: Liberty Mutual
Job Description: I am a Disability Claims Manager, which consists of using analytical and investigative skills to determine claims settlements for short term disability payments to customers.

The University Career Center's NinerJobNet has helped me secure three positions while a student at UNC Charlotte! My first was a summer job at State Farm, the second was an internship with LPL Financial Services, and the most recent was with Liberty Mutual in my first full time job. I am an advocate for this service and tell all my friends who go to UNCC that this is the best resource that you can ever have! All it takes is about 30 minutes of your time to sign up and the rewards are plentiful. I was so worried about graduating into this economic climate (December 2008), but UNCC’s up to date job list kept me sane! Always new and interesting positions from real employers, this is the perfect tool for anyone about to graduate and not sure where to turn to for job seeking help. I would have never thought (or known) to seek out and apply to the companies/opportunities that I did without this website. Also, it’s very helpful to have interviews held on campus by top companies, as they provide. My on campus interview resulted in a second one, and now I have a great job. I am very impressed by the quality of the job listings (not just paper pushing jobs or dry leads), and the way the Career Center helps filter employers down to students. If you are needing part time or full time employment, with a little diligence, the Career Center may be your answer! The quality of the job fairs, the job lists, and the plethora of workshops are invaluable resources that students and alumni just cannot afford to pass up. They make the process a little more streamlined and easy, allowing you to apply to companies that you may not have even known where hiring! (I remember a couple of times the positions weren't even listed on the company's website.) Right now is a hard time for a lot of people and being able to have a place to turn to for job help is refreshing. My advice is to current students is to use all of the tools you have at your hand - including the Career Center, professors, and any other networks you have built. Do not wait until your last two months of your last semester - set goals for your career and/or graduate plans NOW.

Josh Sweeney
Major: Communication Studies
Employer: Fastenal Company
Job Description: I am responsible for overall sales, finance, and personnel for 11 business units located in the central and western part of North Carolina. If you are interested in a career with Fastenal, contact me at: Josh Sweeney District Manager Fastenal Company

"I met Fastenal at a part-time/internship job fair that was put on by the University Career Center. I started my internship through Fastenal and was offered a position upon graduation. The University Career Center provides you a vehicle to network with potential employers through career fairs and internship programs. The UCC may also help with tweaking your resume and preparing for interviews. Chances are they know an employer that may fit your goals. Why wouldn't you want to get help with your career? By attending the fairs (Internship and Career), you can learn a great deal about what is out there and what may be a good fit for you. Try out the company as a part time employee. You may learn what you DON'T want to do which sometimes is more important than thinking you know what you want to do." Find out what companies offer internships in your field of interest and then be proactive. While you are in college, take advantage so when you are graduating you have positioned yourself to do what you want, not what is left. Many companies want some professional experience. Look at companies that are stable and growing. If the company isn't stable and growing, job security becomes an issue, and the opportunity to move up may be slower."

Job Location & Development Program Success

Renia Bates
Major: Middle Grades Education
Employer: Jennifer Temps, Inc. and BCBG Max Azria
Job Description: Administrative Assistant at Jennifer Temps, Inc. - My job entails processing employee verifications, answering phones, providing customer service and advice to current and prospective employees. I also help to obtain potential clients, file, schedule appointments, and facilitate banquet serving trainings. Lead Stylist at BCBG Max Azria - I provide customer service by upselling as well as styling my clients in fashions that compliment their personal style and body type.

I received both of my jobs from applying through the Job Location & Development (JLD) Program. The University Career Center assisted tremendously in my job search by making it an easy process. All I had to do was look up which job pertained to my interest and then submit my resume and/or cover letter to the employers. No less than a couple of days later I was given a call back. The services the career center provides are very valuable to college students because they help us perfect our resume! They also provide interview tips that have helped me a lot when I go to job interviews. You should utilize these services because IT'S FREE HELP! They really prepare students for the real world. They have advisors that help us as students decide what we want to do with our majors and not only provide internships, full-time jobs, and co-op opportunities but also part-time jobs that can help us pay for minor things while in college.

Ashley Mabina
Major: Biology and Chemistry
Employer: Global Lab Solutions
Job Description: Collect specimens for analysis. Conduct vitro diagnostic screening and complete chain of custody.

After enduring monotonous internet searches, I never would have thought using the internet would be an efficient way to locate employment. After giving JLD a try I found that I was able to access a vast array of jobs quickly and easily. I applied for one which seemed particularly interesting and received the position! It was amazing how simple it was, filter your search criteria, find a job of interest, receive the employer's information, and there you go. I was immediately put to work in a position that obtains relevancy to my undergraduate studies in science as well preparation for things I will encounter upon entering the medical field. I was well received by my boss and my coworkers and I enjoy my new position immensely. I am in awe of how fast everything happened and it wouldn't have been possible without the use of JLD!

Carrie Meckler
Major: Criminal Justice
Employer: King Tiger Academy
Job Description: Manage children after school and during camp settings.

I registered with the University Career Center to receive notices of available part-time jobs. After I let the Job Location and Development Coordinator know my majors, interests, and hobbies she found me a position at a day care center. I had a wonderful experience. The people treated me with great respect, and my employer worked well with me knowing I was a student. I will definitely use the University Career Center again.

Hien Nguyen
Major: Biology
Employer: The Law Offices of Coulter and Thompson
Job Description: Office assistant

It didn’t take much time to find a job through the JLD program with the hours and salary that met my expectations. After I sent out several resumes and job applications, I was fortunate enough to be hired at the Law Offices of Coulter and Thompson. I was hired on the spot fairly easily due to my connection with UNC Charlotte and that I accessed the job opportunity through the University Career Center. My work experience has been thrilling with multiple visits to the courts and jails. I have also dealt directly with some of the most high profile criminal cases in the area. The best incentive from getting a job through the JLD program is employers are well aware of the busy schedules students have and are willing to compromise. I get to make my own work schedule with hours to fit around my school schedules, thanks to the JLD program.

Shawn Stallworth
Major: Elementary Education MAT
Employer: Luxury Suite Catering Office, Panther Stadium
Job Description: Processing food and beverage orders for luxury suite guests

The University Career Center's Job Location & Development online job postings were very important in my job search success. They provide access to many job postings that may not be found in your local newspaper or popular career websites.

Christopher Stewart
Major: Pre-Communications
Job Description: Part-Time Crew Member - Performing assigned workstation duties to ensure quality products, delivering exceptional service and immaculate cleanliness to the customers, developing positive working relationships with other crews and managers, speaking clearly and listening attentively to guests, and exhibiting a cheerful and helpful attitude.

The University Career Center services helped me a lot. I was able to use all of the tools that they provided with (resume building, career assessments, cover letters, NinerJobNet, and the Job Location & Development Program) to better utilize my opportunities in gaining interviews and then having my job now. I had been looking for jobs for a long time, and I think if it was not for these services in general, I would not have gained my current job. I would recommend current UNC Charlotte students use the University Career Center services because you can definitely get instie on things that you might need. If any student can use it, why not?

Co-op Success

Courtney R. Brezina
Major: Management Information Systems
Employer: Star Linear Systems
Job Description: Assist in the IS department by software installation, hardware installation and service, and troubleshooting.

Do it! Take that first step into your career. A co-op will help you to know exactly what you want to do with your life. Also, employers look for co-op experience because they want someone who has both school and work experience.

Ivan Butler
Major: Systems Engineering & Engineering Management
Employer: Toyota Engineering & Manufacturing of North America
Job Description: Stamping Engineering Co-op - Within the Stamping department at Toyota, I was placed in the Project Management section and given the title of Assistant Project Manager to my mentor. Within the Stamping department, our responsibility is to manage the press machines and lines that create the body of the vehicle. This summer my main project was a robot replacement and safety upgrade to one of our transfer press lines. The robot at the end of the press line that removed the part from the machine and stacked it in a pallet was outdated and needed to be replaced. Also, the safety devices surrounding the Auto Palletizing area no longer met the required standard. This was my main focus of the project; the safety upgrade. I was responsible for the design and fabrication of the brackets these devices would be mounted to as well as managing the installation to be done by contractors. Throughout the project period, I was responsible for tasks such as recording manpower hours, ensuring lockout tag-out procedures were followed, giving the daily toolbox talk (updating team members of current project status) and even reporting to Assistant Managers of our progress throughout the week. We were given a nine day window to complete the project and through much persistence and determination we accomplished it and had it ready for production the following morning.

Before I left for the NSBE conference in Pittsburgh where I received the job with Toyota, I had my resume critiqued by the Career Center. I believe I was able to perfect my resume through this meeting and give myself the edge I needed at the conference. The services available at the Career Center are often unavailable or extremely expensive outside the university. Yet, the services are often taken for granted. I don't think students realize exactly how valuable the Career Center can be, but the services provided can really be the difference in getting that co-op or internship we all long for.

Jose Falconi
Major: Mechanical Engineering Technology
Employer: Honda Aircraft Company
Job Description: Manufacturing Engineering Co-op - As a Manufacturing Engineering Co-op student with Honda Aircraft Company, you are exposed to a variety of work functions within a real business setting. This realistic environment provides a well-rounded student with experience in multiple areas within their field of study. You begin in Production Engineering Logistics where an overview of the entire product structure is established, then move to Manufacturing Engineering Floor Support, gaining an in-depth understanding of the product, and finally Manufacturing Engineering Design, where you learn about the Preliminary and Critical design review.

The University Career Center exposed me to a wide range of possibilities in career exploration and development. By actively using NinerJobNet, I was constantly aware of all available opportunities. Other services such as the mock interview and resume critique sessions were greatly beneficial when preparing for a potential interview. The services offered by the University Career Center are at no additional cost to students and are often charged by staffing agencies. The small amount of time spent improving your resume/interviewing techniques will greatly help you in your future career search. If you seek to gain valuable industry training while in school, the Career Center is the place to start! Remember industry work experience is extremely valuable to employers; not only will it make you stand out, but it will help you define your future career path.

Joseph Grover
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Employer: US Airways
Job Description: Assistant Engineer - If there is an issue with an aircraft, my job is to assess the damage and determine the appropriate way to solve the problem.

Before UNC Charlotte, I did not know what a co-op was. When I heard about it I was intrigued by the idea so decided to learn a little more. The University Career Center informed me of my options and kept me updated with the most recent job postings. Getting a Co-op or internship helps financially and helps you get great experience whether you want to continue in your current field or not. Start looking for jobs as soon as you can because the earlier you can lock something down the better off you'll be.

Juli Hoyle
Major: Biology
Employer: Carolinas Research Associates
Job Description: Conduct a cold store medication clinical trial; liaison between patient and doctor in charge of study; administer medication to patients; maintain detailed records of patient.

I wasn't sure what kind of job I could get with a B.S. in Biology. When I got this co-op, it put me in a doctor's office seeing patients and learning about diseases I had previously heard about in class. I knew this would be a great opportunity to network.

Ray James
Major: International Business/Finance
Employer: City of Charlotte
Job Description: Assist fire department's business manager with management of the fire department 45 million dollar budget.

It is a MUST! It allows you to evaluate a particular industry or major in a "real" environment without the stress of a post-graduation position.

Nick Kendall
Major: Accounting and Political Science
Employer: J.A. Jones Applied Research
Job Description: Accounts payable; accounts receivable; payroll; basically everything in the Accounting department

I felt I needed work experience to help me find a good job when I graduated. I learned how a business works. I was able to apply many things that I had learned from the Accounting classes I had taken. Experience always wins out over the classroom.

Jonathan B. Leppart
Major: Accounting
Employer: Duke Energy
Job Description: Perform consolidation system implementation; assist SEC filing requirements; small company accounting; and debt covenant compliance.

The Co-op program provided an opportunity to apply class work to the real world and helped me to determine the skills I have. I can achieve many tasks now because of an increased confidence level.

Jonathan Mayhorn
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Employer: Bell South
Job Description: Project manager, technical expert for Burlington, Winston Salem and Greensboro. Database expert for the central district of NC. Also, a planner for that district.

If you don't mind the delay of your graduation date, the co-op is the best way to build your resume and make yourself more valuable to future employers. It shows commitment and drive that is necessary in today's fast pace market.

Allyson Pope
Major: Communications- Organizational
Employer: Disney College Program
Job Description: I am currently working as a campus representative for the Disney College Program. I actively promote the Disney College Program to students of UNC Charlotte. I love having the opportunity to share the experience of the program with other students because it changed my life so drastically.

I participated in a co-op during the spring semester of 2010. I applied and was accepted to the Disney College Program in fall 2009, and the next spring I spent my semester living in Orlando, Florida. During my time with Disney I worked as an attractions cast member in the Magic Kingdom operating Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Mickey's PhilharMagic, and Cinderella's Carrousel. I made friends with other College Program participants from all over the world- many I still speak to today! I loved interacting and bringing magic to hundreds of park guests every day. Through this opportunity, I realized what I want to do when I graduate. Upon returning to UNC Charlotte the next fall, I changed my major to one day work in tourism again. At the time I applied, the Career Center was the only help I had! UNC Charlotte had no campus representatives to assist and guide me through the application and acceptance process. Now, our university has four representatives who are here to support students but the University Career Center is the main resource for students! My advice to UNC Charlotte students: Don't be scared to step outside of your comfort zone. The biggest risks can have the greatest rewards!

Johnathan Walker
Major: Mechanical Engineering
Employer: General Electric
Job Description: &

A co-op assignment with an industry leading company is a must! It has improved my problem solving skills, people skills and has helped to determine my career path and goals. Also, it is an excellent way to gain real world experience to supplement your classroom training and will make you more valuable to future employers.

Service Learning 49ership Success

Melissa Brunson
Major: Criminal Justice
Employer: US Department of Homeland Security, Federal Protective Service
Job Description: Student Intern/Assistant Inspector

From my internship experience I learned the importance of administrative, social, and organizational skills. Each employee within the Federal Protective Service allowed me and other interns to fully participate in all activities. This provided us a wonderful opportunity to experience the realistic measures of what our future plans entailed. I made many contacts for future job reference and, even better, new friends.

Mandeep Gill
Major: Communication Studies
Employer: TIAA-CREF
Job Description: Researching guest speaker biographies for conferences; writing research reports for presentation to supervisor.

The most valuable part of my experience was working independently on projects and being a fully integrated member of TIAA-CREF. My communications classes helped when I made recruiting phone calls for conference speakers.

Josh Hallingse
Major: Political Science
Employer: City Council, District 4 Representative Michael Barnes
Job Description: &

My background in political science provided a balance of analytical/theoretical skills which allowed me to discern most policy developments in my internship. The most valuable part of my experience was the opportunity to see the “behind the scenes” meetings that influenced the various council members to vote the way they did.

Annika Martins
Major: Communication Studies
Employer: North Carolina Blumenthal Performing Arts Center
Job Description: &

The most valuable part of my experience was the first-hand look into the theater business; it has helped me make decisions about my future career path.

Christina Neitzey
Major: Psychology, Criminal Justice

Christina Neitzey joined the UNC Charlotte family with energy and focus toward public service as a freshman in the Levine Scholars Program. She explores the experience of children and families in the judicial system by combining a multidisciplinary academic curriculum, internship experience at the local and national levels, and purposeful civic engagement. Her work as a Guardian ad Litem and at the public defender’s office has provided an unfiltered look at the experience of children and families in the courts. Coupled with experience at the National Institute of Justice, she is able to see the intention and impact of public policy on those seeking justice. As a leader on campus and a young innovator in the community, Ms. Neitzey works to promote awareness and education to protect children. Her studies in the fields of Criminal Justice, Political Science, and Psychology provide a unique perspective of the powerful intersection of research, policy development and the judicial system when it comes to serving society’s most vulnerable members. Her future study of law and continued involvement with local advocacy organizations drive her ongoing service activities. After returning from international study in Spain, she will continue to pursue a “big picture” understanding of the needs of abused and neglected children.

Jacob Ribet
Major: Criminal Justice
Employer: US Department of Homeland Security, Federal Protective Service
Job Description: Student Intern/FPS Assistant Inspector

The work I completed during my internship with the Federal Protective Service was truly beneficial to their mission and my future with the federal government. I have learned so much more about how the federal government works, the hiring process, and the many different agencies that can provide me with career opportunities. Area Commander James Cudney has provided me with endless resources to secure a job with the federal government."

Jessica Wadsworth
Major: French
Employer: North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation
Job Description: To learn how a state investigative agency functions.

My experience was not related to my major in any way. I chose this internship due to my skills and interests. I learned that Criminal Justice majors were not the only ones that are wanted in this field. I would encourage every student to participate. It is very valuable program.