Success Stories

49ership Success

Rachel Williams
Major: Marketing
Employer: Department of Defense
Job Description: Small Business Contracting Office

Interning with the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) in Columbus, Ohio was an amazing opportunity. I worked with the Small Business contracting office which assisted small businesses from across the country in winning contracts to supply parts for the war efforts overseas. I helped modify databases that held the contracts’ information, modified marketing publications during the DLA’s rebranding process, and even wrote an article about the Small Business office that was published online and in the installation’s newspaper. As a Marketing major, I earned some valuable experience and was able to apply some of the concepts and knowledge I’ve been learning in my marketing classes. I also established some valuable connections with the DoD if I ever want to go back. Living in Columbus for the summer was great, and interning for the DoD was even better!