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Why did we create the Career Success Certificates?

We often hear from students asking what, exactly, should they be doing in college to "guarantee" themselves success.

...Although our Career Success Certificates are NOT a guarantee or a specific endorsement of any one student over another, they are as close to a "direct route" to career success as you can get.

... Why? Based on our experience as career advisors to many successful alumni, we strongly believe that if you follow the prescribed course of career development laid out over our four certificates, you will significantly increase your chances of career success.

What do they require?

The Career Success Certificates require you to participate in services, programs, and events, offered by the University Career Center (and across campus) that are designed to help you through the four specific stages of career planning: Assess, Explore, Experience, and Transition.

Who should participate?

The Career Success Certificates can be effective for all majors and class levels. Choose any one of the four to work toward or you can start with Assess and continue until you have earned all four.

Beside career success, what are the benefits?

Tangible benefits to participants include

  • official program certificates awarded by the University Career Center,
  • the opportunity to list the awarded certificate(s) on your resume for future employers and/or graduate/professional schools to see, and
  • the chance to be spotlighted on our Student Success Stories web page and use your success to inspire future students.

Have more questions?

Contact the University Career Center or download our Career Success Certificates FAQs.

A final note:

When you review the Menu of Activities for each of the four certificates, you will see that each involves preparation, goal-setting, and experience. Career planning is not something to put off for senior year!