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What is NinerJobNet:

NinerJobNet is the official registration vehicle used by the University Career Center at UNC Charlotte and at over 800 other colleges and universities nationwide. NinerJobNet is the resume and job database that enables you to view job openings posted exclusively for UNC Charlotte students and alumni, as well as those jobs posted nationally to the 800+ school network.  Off-Campus Full time, part time, internships, 49erships, and co-ops are listed in NinerJobNet.  By publishing your resume in NinerJobNet, the University Career Center is able to refer resumes to potential employers for periodic openings outside of On-Campus Interviewing.  On an annual basis, over 4,400 resumes have been referred to employers.  NinerJobNet is also the vehicle for participating in On-Campus Interviews, which are conducted during Fall and Spring semesters. 

How to register:

To register with NinerJobNet, please attend an orientation session, after which we can activate your free account.

Details about the procedures for On-Campus Interviewing, Experiential Learning, Web Resume Book, Resume Referral from the NinerJobNet database, and other information useful in planning a successful job search will be presented in 45-minute session.

What you can do in NinerJobNet: 

  • Read important On-Campus Interviewing Announcements.
  • View or Pre-select Jobs (Resume Submission) by specified deadlines to those jobs of interest to you.
  • Determine your Invitation Status, e.g., find out if you have been invited to sign-up for an interview.
  • Sign-up on an employer's interview schedule.
  • View and Sign-up for Open Sign-up Jobs.
  • View your Scheduled On-Campus Interviews.
  • RSVP for Employer Information Sessions.
  • View listing of currently available Job Opportunities, full time and part time.
  • View Career Prospector job shadowing opportunities (must first apply to program through UCC).
  • View and apply to Experiential Learning opportunities (must first apply to program through UCC).

Computer Lab:

The Computer Lab is open during our office hours and is available to all who need to connect to NinerJobNet, use FOCUS-2®, type a resume, or search the Internet. We do ask you bring your own disk or CD ROM to save your materials.



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