How do I get my resume approved on Hire-A-Niner?

Prior to applying for internships and jobs through Hire-A-Niner, all students/alumni will need to submit a resume for approval. The approval process takes 48 business hours or less. Please make sure you submit your resume early so that it will be approved prior to internship or job submission deadlines.

If a resume is not immediately approved, students will receive comments on how to improve their resume before they resubmit. Please make sure that you follow the resume guidelines in order to submit the best version of your resume. Once your resume is approved, you can begin applying for internships and jobs through Hire-A-Niner. After having an initial resume approved, students/alumni can upload multiple documents without needing to go through the approval process again. If you have any additional questions, please contact

How do I log in to Hire-A-Niner?

That depends on what type of relationship you have with the University!

Students - Visit and login using your NinerNet credentials, which are the same you use for logging on to the network, My UNC Charlotte and other campus resources.

Alumni - Visit and login with your UNC Charlotte ID number (800#, Banner ID). Details are provided on the login page to help you get started.

Employers - Visit If you have never recruited with us before, create a new account. If you previously recruited with us in the old version of Hire-A-Niner (powered by CSO Research), you may visit the login page to set your password using the "Forgot Password" link.