UPIP Spotlight

About the Program

  • UPIP LogoThe internships offered through the University Professional Internship Program differ significantly from most other student employment positions on campus as they are designed to provide professional knowledge and skill development consistent with your major/career goals.
  • Internships are part-time during the fall and spring semesters – typically 10-15 hours/week.
  • UNC Charlotte faculty and administrators serve as mentors.
  • All positions pay $10 an hour!
  • Students may have an internship over multiple sessions, but ONLY ONE UPIP internship per semester.

Find open positions in Hire-A-Niner by searching "UPIP" in the keyword field. Each internship application requires a resume and cover letter to be submitted through Hire-A-Niner. You are encouraged to speak with your career advisor or have your application materials critiqued during University Career Center drop-in hours. You may also contact the University Career Center directly with questions.

Apply Now

Now accepting applications for Spring 2017.​

UPIP is available to full-time sophomores, juniors, and seniors seeking a first bachelor's degree and in good standing with the university.

Benefits for Students

  1. Professional experience in your field without leaving campus
  2. Faculty/staff mentoring
  3. $10 per hour for up to 15 hours per week
  4. Possibility for academic credit
  5. Dedicated career advisor to provide professional development

Can’t view or apply for UPIP Positions?

If you cannot see or apply for UPIP positions, you may not be eligible or all positions may be filled.

Eligibility -  Sophomores, juniors, and seniors seeking their first bachelor's degree from UNC Charlotte, who are enrolled full-time (12 hours) and are in good standing, qualify for UPIP. Graduate students and part-time students do not qualify.
Timing -  Deadlines for applying for UPIP positions are usually during the months of August, November, and April. If you are eligible for UPIP but don't see any positions, they may all be full.

Contact the UPIP program manager

Thank you for your interest in UPIP! I'm excited for this great, new opportunity for UNC Charlotte. Never before has there been a program that coordinates on-campus, PAID, academically focused internships for undergraduates. We welcomed our inaugural class of UPIPer in fall 2013, with 30 sophomores, juniors, and seniors helping departments all across campus while also growing a greater understanding of what they want for their future careers.

This experience is what students make it. This is not your average “student employment” job where you show up and do tasks as directed. We work with departments and students to make sure that experiences are valuable and mutually beneficial. And, we work with students on professional development. UPIP interns are expected to be proactive, and diligent, and involved. At the end of the internship, we will make sure you build your portfolio, network, incorporate the experience into your resume, and you are one step closer to understanding what your “dream job” looks like so you can work toward it now while in school.

Please contact me when you have questions, concerns, or ideas for building the program.

Go Niners!

Carrie Silver, Ph.D.
Program Manager, UPIP
University Career Center, Atkins 150

UPIP frequently asked questions

How can I learn more? UPIP information sessions are offered throughout the year. You may also contact the University Career Center directly at 704-687-7095 with any questions/concerns.

How long do UPIP internships last? Internships can last one semester or two consecutive semesters, depending on the position. If you have a one-semester commitment, but the project is continuing, and you have a good relationship with your mentor, ask them if you can extend the internship! You can also apply to other UPIP internships after completing a first UPIP internship - as long as you only have ONE internship at a time.

How should I dress/present myself in the interview? You should treat an internship interview as any professional job interview and dress accordingly--a suit is encouraged. Information on interviewing and professional dress are available online.

If I don’t have a resume or cover letter, how do I get started? The UCC offers a variety of resources on resume writing, including samples, online. You also are encouraged to have your resume and cover letter critiqued by a career advisor during drop-in hours at the UCC.

What application materials are required, and how do I apply? Applications must be submitted through Hire-A-Niner. Each UPIP posting requires the following application materials:

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter (specific to the department to which you are applying for!)

What’s the deadline for applying? Deadlines for applying are usually during the months of August, November, and February. Check back regularly around those times for detailed dates and more information. Please note: All positions pay $10/hour and require attendance at an orientation session and at periodic professional development sessions. If selected, the UPIP intern will have further direction from the department and UPIP as to how to complete required Student Employment documentation.

When might I hear from a department about an interview? After they have reviewed your materials on Hire-A-Niner (typically a week or so after the application period is closed), a representative from the department will contact you.

Where can I find UPIP job postings? All positions are in Hire-A-Niner. Please note that when applications are closed, no positions will be viewable. If a position is still posted, it is still taking applications.

Who qualifies for a UPIP internship? Sophomores, juniors, and seniors seeking their first bachelor's degree from UNC Charlotte, who are enrolled full-time (12 hours) and are in good standing, qualify for UPIP. Graduate students and part-time students do not qualify.

UPIP student application process

  1. Search Hire-A-Niner - Positions all have “UPIP” at the beginning of the position title and the semester in parentheses at the end of the position title.
  2. Upload Resume - All resumes in Hire-A-Niner must be approved by the University Career Center, so make sure you give staff 24-48 hours after you upload it before the application deadline.
  3. Write Cover Letter - Drop in for resume and cover letter help; no appointment needed. Drop-in hours are posted in the footer of the website below.
  4. Practice Interviewing - A career advisor can sit down with you to practice what your interview might be like and then give you feedback to help you improve
  5. Wait - You can discover when a department begins interviewing by noting when the position has been taken down in Hire-A-Niner. All hiring decisions are made by the hiring departments (not the University Career Center).
  6. Complete HR Paperwork - Did you get the position? Congratulations! Make sure you complete your I9 and the HR paperwork packet; then complete take the paperwork and proof of ID to HR in King.

What does a UPIP experience look like?


Students are expected to monitor their own eligibility for the program and for University pay. Specifically, students are expected to disclose other employment on campus to UPIP mentors to ensure that they only have one UPIP internship at a time and do not exceed the University maximum of 20 hours per week of total on-campus employment.


Interviewing and hiring is conducted by the hiring department. They should contact you to let you know if you are selected for an interview or when the position has been filled. Please note that you may apply for multiple UPIP internships but you may only accept one per semester.

Once you have an assignment, if you and your supervisor wish to continue the internship the next semester, we do not require you to submit another application. If you wish to be considered for a separate UPIP internship, you will be required to complete a new application through Hire-A-Niner.


Interns are paid $10/hour and are paid monthly, on the 15th of the month. Web Time Entry must be completed and submitted no later than the last day of the month. UNC Charlotte requires all employees to enroll in direct deposit, which you can do in My UNC Charlotte. You can learn more about getting paid on the Human Resources' website.

Academic Credit

Academic credit may be earned for UPIP internships. Talk to your academic department about requirements. You will be required to enroll in a special internship course through your department at the time of your internship.

Compliance with your hiring department

Your supervisor will help you as you complete HR and payroll paperwork, plus any paperwork your hiring department has required. Your supervisor will also be the one to approve your hours in Web Time Entry. While UPIP posts all jobs and facilitates the application process, it is the hiring department that conducts interviews and coordinates your work schedule.

Professional Development

Part of this experience is growing your professional skills and competencies. We will offer professional development opportunities throughout the semester to help you grow as a student, as a professional, and as a person. You will be required to complete four opportunities each semester (in addition to attending a short orientation session during your first semester in UPIP). At least two must be hosted by UPIP. More will be explained to you at orientation, and you will receive regular updates via email and social media regarding events.