The UCC counsels students and alumni to conduct an ethical job search. Students and alumni are urged to cease their job search upon accepting an offer. They are highly encouraged, when provided with an offer, to ask the offering employer for time to consider the offer. If the offering employer is not the student’s “first choice” employer, the student is encouraged to contact any "first choice" employer(s) they have engaged and inform the “first choice” employer(s) that they have another offer.

When contacting a “first choice” employer about an offer from another employer, students are encouraged to indicate that they have another offer and inquire about their candidacy and the “first choice” employer’s timeframe. This inquiry might result in an offer for a student or advice for a student to take another offer. Students are also counseled that they can try to negotiate more time with employers to consider outstanding offers. Students and alumni should not accept an offer until they have made such contact and are satisfied working for the employer whose offer they choose to accept. For additional information about how students are coached to navigate the negotiation process, click here.

UNC Charlotte expects any student or alumni accepting a job offer to honor their commitment to the accepted position and company. Our office will not tolerate reneging on offers, as this not only affects the individual student's relationship with the affected company, but also that of their classmates and the institution. As a result, students and alumni who renege on an accepted offer will be subject to a number of penalties, as deemed appropriate by the UCC. These penalties can include immediate elimination from the Resume Book, loss of all access to job postings and all Center resources, and suspension from Hire-A-Niner.

Acceptance Expectation of International Students

International students are counseled to know that if they accept an offer for CPT via the University Career Center and complete the Work Authorization process through UCC and ISSO, they will not be issued another authorization if they renege on an opportunity. Upon accepting an offer and securing Work Authorization, their job search is to cease.

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