Employers using the University Career Center’s services by posting opportunities in Hire-A-Niner will offer hourly or base salaries for positions. A draw against future earnings does not constitute a salary.

Employers with commission-based opportunities must adhere to the following:

  • Employers offering various commission-based positions may post job listings through the University Career Center’s Hire-A-Niner database provided the position is a full-time, post-graduate career opportunity.
  • Disclose that compensation is based partially or solely on commission in the “Salary Level” section of the posting and restate this in the job description. If compensation is partially commission based, the percentage MUST be included.
  • If no initial base salary is provided, the form of remuneration (or compensation) must be clearly stated in the job description posted through Hire-A-Niner.
  • The position does not require that any part of the compensation be associated with recruiting others.
  • No commission-based part-time or internship positions will be posted that seeks to employ undergraduate or current students of UNC Charlotte.

The University Career Center does not post franchise or pyramid-type opportunities. The University Career Center reserves the right to refuse services or deny postings to employers at our discretion.

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