The services and programs of the University Career Center (UCC) have been developed in accordance with the Principles for Professional Conduct established by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). Employers using services and/or facilities of the Center for campus interviewing, employment listings, candidate referral, career fairs and/or information group meetings are expected to follow these guidelines. All employers must abide by Equal Opportunity Employment and Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines. Additional policies include, but are not limited to

  • Employers must provide valid contact information including an organizational email account. Personal email addresses (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) will not be authorized to use UCC services. The only exception is if the company name is listed at the beginning of the email address, and that email address is listed on the company website and/or used as the "contact us" email for the organization.
  • Employers must provide a brick-and-mortar location for centralized company operations; a residential or PO Box address provided for the business and/or point of contact will not be accepted.
  • Multi-level or pyramid marketing opportunities are not accepted.
  • Organizations promoting opportunities for independent contractors to start their own business requiring students to pay money or fees to be employed are not eligible to participate in UCC recruiting activities. This DOES NOT include professional licensure fees that may need to be covered by the employee (e.g., insurance licensing fees, real estate license fees etc.).
  • Employers are not allowed to solicit or sell their products or services during the course of recruitment.
  • All marketing material must be approved by the UCC. We reserve the right close employer’s accounts in Hire-A-Niner and restrict access if there is a violation.
  • The UCC reserves the right to deny a posting, contact access, and terminate an employer account at any time.
  • All companies who recruit UNC Charlotte students or alumni, either on- or off-campus, should be aware of, and adhere to, our recruiting policies. The UCC staff is happy to help you with any questions or to address any concerns that a company might have about these policies. A company that fails to abide by these policies may be penalized with the loss of priority scheduling status, restriction on student and event access, and cancelation of on-campus events.
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