Company Treks University Career Center

Company Treks are one-day opportunities exclusively for UNC Charlotte students to experience the culture at different companies and organizations in the Charlotte area and beyond. Company Treks typically consist of a tour, an overview of the company/organization, and an opportunity to network.


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Who can participate in a Company Trek? Juniors, seniors, and graduate students in good standing at UNC Charlotte are permitted to participate in Company Treks, though this is flexible depending on the company’s requests.

What will I be doing on a Company Trek? The Company Treks program is an opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes perspective of an organization. Itineraries for company treks will vary, but you will likely:

  • Receive a tour of the facilities
  • Partake in a Q&A session with current employees
  • Network with professionals

How long does a Company Trek last? The length of Company Treks vary by company, but most will last between 2-4 hours.

What should I wear? Business professional attire is required unless otherwise mentioned in the Company Trek description. Check out our handout on what to wear.

Is transportation provided? Students must provide their own transportation to Career Trek locations. Visit UNC Charlotte’s Parking and Transportation Services website for information about alternative transportation options.

What are the requirements to participate?  Most Company Treks target specific student populations by academic major, industry of interest, and/or class level. You will only be able to view Company Treks that fit you based off of the aforementioned descriptions. If you perform a search in the Events tab of your Hire-A-Niner profile but do not see a Company Trek opportunity appear, please check back on a regular basis as opportunities may arise. 

Is there a fee to participate in a Company Trek? Student participation in Company Treks is completely free.

How do I prepare for a Company Trek?  Check out this guide to preparing for Company Treks.

What should I do after the Trek? It’s important to follow-up with an employer after any networking event, Company Treks included. Be proactive at the Company Trek you participate in and be sure to ask for a business card of any professional with whom you speak. Send a timely email to this person within 24 hours of the Company Trek to thank them for their time and ask any follow-up questions you may have.

What is the cancellation policy? Students who can no longer participate in a Company Trek for which they registered must contact Jessie Simonik ( no later than 48 hours of the event. Participation for Company Treks is in high demand, and your timely notice will enable another qualified student to participate in this opportunity.  Student considering participating in Comany Treks should review the Company Trek Cancellation & No-show Policy.